If this is your first time experience here at the parrot’s website… welcome! Here we want to let you about us (SLB), smiley lovebird, what we are doing and what is our mission. We have a pretty good idea of what we want to accomplish. We hope that you can share in our excitement as we venture into the world of parrot lovers.


About Us

Smiley Lovebird is a small enterprise that provides the highest quality educational material to their users about the parrots. 


Our purpose is to provide the accurate, high quality and updated information about the parrots. We collect the data from multiple sources, evaluate it, organize, summarize it and then provide to our users.  Our  highly experienced staff process the information before uploading here.


We encourage you to read through our published contents and if you really enjoy them and would like to more like this then show your support to us. You might even get some unique piece of content about how much helpful information we are providing you. If you do not agree with something you have seen here or want say anything about the platform, please feel free to let us know, especially if its offensive. We really love to hear from you. There is no reason to limit yourself to thinking only positive thoughts and feelings.


All we want, our visitors get the helpful content. So enjoy your visit to the parrot educational platform