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lovebirds male and female difference

Lovebirds Male and Female Difference | 1 Easiest Way | The Ultimate Guide

In this post we are sharing most easiest method that, how you can learn lovebirds male and female difference. Everyone, who is a pet lover and has lovebirds, wants to know the different ways to identify the gender of lovebirds.


Ways to find the difference between male and female lovebird parrot


Working Methods to Learn about Lovebirds male and female Difference

Blood Test/ DNA test

DNA bird sexing testing is a technique used by laboratories to determine if a lovebird is male or female. The test is performed by detecting the presence of different sex chromosomes in a bird’s DNA sample, be it a bloodstain or a normal wing.


Pelvic Bones Examine

You can examine your lovebird parrot for male female differences only If you are an experienced bird owner. This method is pretty simple and takes only a few moments. 


However, if you are inexperienced with this method, it can harm your bird and if not done properly, it can even die. Therefore, we cannot recommend this method to have sex with your beloved birds.


What you have to do is just hold your parrot in one hand like the head between the index and middle finger and the back side of the parrot on your hand. Now check the pelvic bones by touching the parrot with your finger and feel how much closer or wider these bones are. Also, feel how sharp or soften the edges of these bones are. 


If the pelvic bones are closer and sharp then this parrot is male and if the pelvic bones are wider and soften then this parrot is female. Remember one mistake usually people repeat, do not test your parrot’s pelvic bones if it is not an adult and not ready for breeding.


Most of the time male parrots pelvic bones look wider and soften because of the early age text.


Note: Always provide Healthy Food to your parrots and clean their places so they stay safe from Different Types of Diseases

Methods that also helpful about Lovebirds male and female Difference


Physical Signs

Physical signs are another way to check the gender of lovebirds, either male or female. In this method we examine the size and colors of lovebirds. We check the size of  different things of lovebird parrots. Length of lovebird parrots, ring circle of their eyes, head size of lovebird parrots, colors of lovebird parrots and beak size of lovebird parrots are examined to identify differences between lovebird parrots male and female. 


These signals can help you a little bit so we suggest you avoid this method


Examine while Nest Building

In this method we examine the activities of the lovebird parrots. Usually parrots start building their nest when they are ready to breed. They start collecting straw from different places and put them in their box in a special shape to build a nest. This is a symbol that your bird is ready for breeding. One male and one female lovebird parrot use this box for breeding.


This method indicates that your parrots are completely ready for breeding


Easiest Way to Learn Lovebirds Male and Female Difference

Examine while Pair Bonding

When you have so many lovebird parrots, like 10 to 15 or 20 or maybe any figure and you want to make pairs of them, but you don’t know how to identify the male female difference then a very unique and easy method we are going to share with you.


Assume you have two lovebird parrots, same color, same design, same size and you are not an expert but want to learn, put some different color paint on their head or feet, like red for male and green for female. Then, put both of them in a separate cage, hang a breeding box and a roll of straw, come back after few hours and analyze which parrot start nesting, mostly females start early and in some cases both start.  


Remember, females also sit in a special way like open their both wings, lift up their tail, little bend their legs and looks here and there, which means she is inviting male parrot to meet her.


Let suppose you have 20 parrots and you don’t know lovebird male female difference, but you want to make their pairs, put all the parrots in a big cage and hang around 10 to 12 breeding boxes in that cage. Put the big roll of straw in the cage so each pair collects and builds their nest in their selected box. After a few days like 3 to 4 days all the straw will  vanish from the cage and each male female parrot makes pair itself. 


After building nests, parrots usually stay in the box for the maximum time, now cover the hole of the box and hang it in a different cage and do this with all boxes that have pairs inside. 


This method also helps you to identify the male female pair among the many parrots.

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