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What is a parrot?

What is Parrot | Detailed Information | Know the Hidden Secrets

Parrots also known as Psittacines and Parakeet, are the most beautiful creatures in the world. Parrots are birds and have more than 350 species on the earth. Most famous are Cockatoo, Cockatiel, Macaw, Amazon, Lovebirds, Sun Conure, Gray parrot, Budgerigar and so on.

The beaks of all parrots are strong, curved and sharp that help them to break the nuts, seeds and other food items. All of the parrots have strong legs and four toe zygodactyl styles (two pointing forward and other two projecting backward) on each foot to grasp the things tightly.

Most of the parrots are vividly colored and some of them multi-colored. Even after seeing them, they leave their mark for a long time. Additionally a large number of the parrots have long beautiful tails and some of them have short tails.

All of the parrots have two wings and many feathers that help them to fly in the air. If we talk about eye color, then they have two colors. Many parrots have black colored eyes and few parrots have red colored eyes.

All the Parrots eat different types of seeds. Also parrots eat some kinds of nuts, and in the vast range of fruits they like a few of them. Parrots also eat some buds, flowers and other plant material.

In addition, the parrot lifespan is different according to their types, usually larger in size parrots, like Macaws, Amazon lives up to about 100 years if they cared well and smaller in size like, Budgerigar, Lovebird lives around 15 to 20 years because they have a shorter lifespan.



Parrots also face some common diseases that are curable if diagnosed on time and well treated according to the given instructions of the vet. To prevent them from diseases, you have to take care properly, provide quality food to them and clean all the linked items to them like cage, box, food tray, etc. 


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